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Brawler Café is now affiliated with TCGplayer! Using our links to visit TCGplayer supports our our content and website. Click "Shop Now" to get started!

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Best of Bakugan Resurgence

Brawler Café content creator HunterSerge is covering the best cards in Bakugan Resurgence! Click "Watch Now" or visit our YouTube, study up, and get ready to brawl!

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2019 Bakugan Event Info!

We're compiling information for Bakugan Battle Planet events, from schedules to decks that participated. We hope this new database can give better insight to what decks are being used once MomoCon ends!

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Patreon Launch Announcement!

We're excited to announce the launch of our Patreon page, and what better way to kick it off than giving you all another website preview! Head over to Patreon to check it out and read why we chose to use Patreon!

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Battle Planet Cards & Cores!

We have a spreadsheet up listing as many Cards and Cores as we're currently aware of! This will be a temprary resource until our visual card database is live, coming early 2019! Thanks to HunterSerge for working on this!

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Bakugan Battle Planet Rules!

Thanks to Negative Legend we have the full Bakugan Battle Planet rulebook that comes packaged in various products. Study up on the rules and get ready to Bakugan Brawl!

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Welcome to Brawler Café!

Welcome to Brawler Café! We're still working on developing our card database and articles system, but we have some temporary resources you can view for now! Thank you for supporting Brawler Café!